Hi there!

I’m Cesar van Rongen, born on 20 April 1988 in Nuenen, a small village in the Netherlands. I now live in Lieshout. I grew up creating things. I was always busy making my own skate ramps or scale sailboats. I passed HAVO in Eindhoven, and was always interested in the Design Academy of Eindhoven. In fact, my dad took me to the academy’s graduation ceremony one time and I really liked it. From then it was my goal to get in there, and I did. I started in 2006. I learned a lot of basic skills, including sketching, painting and model making. I passed my 4 modules of activity. The department focuses on life’s daily activities and how we can design products to enrich those activities. I’m curious. I push myself to think beyond the expected. And I will always try to exceed myself. Feel free to take a look at my products and if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.